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Herman Miller REACH 2013

REACH is a design festival celebrating Herman Miller’s latest innovations.
BLACK x Pigologist
Illustrated by Pigologist.
(Photos courtesy of BLACK)

Illustrated local icons.

Events photos courtesy of Eames and web sources.


Disney Illustration Project TMRRW x Pigologist

Illustrated elements for Disney’s stop motion shorts.
TMRRW x Pigologist

Illustrations by Pigologist

Disney Channel Dragon Club (SD) from TMRRW on Vimeo.


Qoo10 Singapore seller sells imitations of phone cases designed by Society6 artists.

How can this shameless idiot sell imitations of phone cases designed by Society6 artists?! 
Profiting from the original creators is equivalent to stealing! One of my designs on the selling page too! 
Pls help to file report to Qoo10 Singapore to stop this!

For buyers who like illustrated phone cases, pls understand that no original phone cases come at the price of $13 only. 
Pls support and respect the creators.


Mona Pig


60 x 40 cm Canvas
Acrylic x markers
(Original painting up for sale. Email to enquire)
Exhibition: Namesake (Group)
Venue: Dahlia Gallery
Date: July 2012
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