The Little Match Girl 卖火柴の小女孩

by Toei Animation 1971
Original story by Hans Christian Andersen in 1845

I prefer this version to Disney's.
It has better storytelling and directing. Disney's version lacked emotions.
The scenes where she lighted the matches one by one.
She's supposed to be dying, and having illusions...
The part where Disney animator animated her so energetic at lighting 3 matches, to see her grandma,
is just like following the principle of animating from books.
It's not easy to show the emotions of eager and longing and weakening all at one.
I don't feel the emotions. Ok to be fair to them, it's lovely art still.
Just that I do not like broadway acting in every animation. Not every..pls
Pls enjoy Toei's version. I also love the little match girl's character design here.
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