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*3×3 ProShow Annual 2011 – merit*

Page 1:  Unplug

A puppet has been created by its master, to entertain on the stage.
Its existence is not a choice but a rule or fact.
A craftsman creates.
A puppet entertains.
An egg to be consumed. 
A man lives.
What if the puppet has feelings?
What if it doesn't want to entertain anymore?
Is living a rule, or a choice?
Do we have a choice?
The puppet has decided to go unplugged.
Why do we handcuff someone who has gone unplugged?
How about looking at it from another view, and not blame them?
Life is not 规则(rule), but a choice.
I'm not encouraging people to go unplug or do i have suicidal thought. 
To someone who happens to have an unplug thought, I'll like to say to u....
Why'd you want to unplug so early, anyway death will find you someday.
So start living!

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About < The Not So HapPig Days >

I'm proud to present my humble new project, < The Not So HapPig Days >. This is a collection of darker moods coming from my personal experiences, my feelings, the music that i've listened to, films that i've watched and what's happening to others. This is a contrary to the commercial works that I always do. Where only positive and happy moods are encouraged for the market. Any thoughts about my work is welcomed. Feel free to email me. I'm friendly...
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