NEW: Atas Pandas - plush cushions - 凯凯 & 嘉嘉 kaikai jiajia - handmade in Singapore

Atas Pandas

home decor - plush cushion - wedding gifts

- Limited Edition -
"Atas" is Singlish, meaning arrogant, snobbish, high brow, sophisticated. 
Atas pandas are nocturnal and only sleep in air-con room. They couldn't stand the hassle and noise from daytime and could only find peace at night. Kai Kai sleeps at 5am and Jia Jia sleeps earlier at 3am... Do not expect them to entertain you like other plush animals in the day, because they are too sleepy and arrogant to do it. =P

14" tall, 12.5" wide (34 cm tall, 32cm wide)

Registered mail INCLUDED for all international shipping.
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