Part 2: Paper Plane (a gigantic illustrated hopscotch, floor mural sticker, commissioned by The LavaProject, National Arts Council) at East Coast Park

PAPER PLANE - a simple and nostalgic poem by Quek Yong Siu that brings us back to our childhood. Its vividly-imagined scenes and adventures inspire happy memories of play. Skip along to Quek's poem accompanied by the cheerful illustrations and remember to give others a turn at rekindling those distant yet vivid moments of innocence and wonder. It's a privilege to invite author Quek Yong Siu to lend us his beautiful works "Paper Plane". Creative direction, art direction and illustration by Ada Leow, Yiting Ong and PIGOLOGIST. Project managed by PIGOLOGIST with assistance from NAC. (2013) Translated by Judith Huang. paperplane8 paper5 paper1 paper2 paper5 paper6 paper7 paper2 paper3paper1paper4 paper3
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