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Hello SMEs in Singapore, if you think you could get a logo that stands out from the competitors at just $5 or $145, by downloading the Fiverr app or posting a logo job on Freelancer.com, you'll end up paying more later. Let alone precious time wasted on them. Save a few dinings from your favourite restaurants, to pay a better design studio.

Perhaps never before in history has there been such a preoccupation with identity. Everyone wants to stand out from the crowd. Getting that "fifteen minutes of fame", we very often become reduced to ciphers by the very popularity of the trends we are following to achieve this, be it the fashions we favour, the selfies we endlessly snap on our iPhones, or the "likes" we strive so hard to accumulate on Facebook. If you think it's becoming harder to make an impact as a person, imagine how much more difficult it must be for the proliferating number of companies seeking to promote their brand in an ever more competitive, globalised world. For an identity is more than just a brand-name that will be remembered, or a logo that's instantly recognisable. 

Brand has meaning in people's minds that exists beyond functionality. Part art, part science, brand is the difference between a bottle of soda and a bottle of Coke, a computer and an iMac, a cup of coffee and cup of Starbucks, a car and a Mercedes, a designer's handbag and a Hermes Birkin. Brand is the intangible yet visceral impact of a person's subjective experience with the product, the personal memories and cultural associations that orbit around it. Brands are also about messages - strong, exciting, distinct, authentic messages that tell people who you are, what you think, and why you do what you do. It is the whole intangible feeling that a product or service produces in a would-be customer, giving them the confidence to go ahead and purchase it!

This is something that designers aim to create by a variety of technical means - colour schemes, fonts, artistic approach (minimalist or "busy"), size, story-line - but equally restricted by various technical limitations, such as the need to encompass a widely differing set of end-uses...

At 猪の画室 PIGOLOGIST™ STUDIO, we are an affordable one stop  service for your brand identity. From branding design, collaterals, to optimized content copywriting (this helps to push your SEO to the top). Talk to us today! 

Check out what  猪の画室 PIGOLOGIST™ STUDIO could do for your brand identity | pigologist.com

(Read more on branding from 60 Minute Brand Strategist by Idris Mootee and IDN.)
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