Pamphlet Brochure Graphic and Illustration Design for National University Hospital | A Singapore Illustration Mascot Animation Design Studio

Project: A series of Graphic Design and Illustrations for NUHkids Pamphlets
Client: NUH National University Hospital

PIGOLOGIST STUDIO re-vamped the 24 pamphlets of medical information for NUHkids.  Each pamphlet was crafted with a brand new cover illustration of children who are down with sickness. Done with flair and understanding for the parents who would pick up a copy of these pamphlets. To differentiate each pamphlet from one another, pastel rainbow colours are used. Because rainbow colours are cheerful and great to balance the inconvenient medical information.

Illustrating for medical information requires not just nice and cute illustrations but also delivering the contents in accuracy. As the older version of pamphlets are rather dated in design, so modernising the graphic design and layout is paramount. Often it's challenging to fit huge amounts of contents and medical info into the limited pages. A new series of illustrations and icons enhanced the pamphlets and better break down the info into sections and sometimes infographics used. 

Our purpose of design and illustrations are to attract the attention of the parents in the hospital, to pick up a copy or few of the pamphlets. These are specially intended for them to aid with caring for their children, with the medical knowledge they need. Mission completed with some rainbow flair.

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